$WNOW Reward Program

Earn $WNOW Rewards On The Octaplex Network

WalletNow is a simple, clean, and searchable application that consolidates crypto investments from multiple sources and displays them in an easy-to-read table. Some of the services that the application includes are telegram bots, active monitoring, and a feature called Time Machine.

WalletNow has been added as a trusted partner to the Octaplex Network and their token $WNOW has been added to the rewards coin list as a reward option for $PLX holders.

WalletNow – Easy Crypto and DeFi Monitoring

WalletNow enables quick and easy monitoring for the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum networks. They offer a range of services through their platform and allow users to keep track of their investments and yields through an easy-to-navigate table. To use the service, users simply connect their wallets and choose one of the following investment tracking options:
  • Net Worth
  • Total Yield
  • Pending Yield
  • Debt
  • Time Machine
  • Profit and Loss
Each option provides detailed information and helps indicate where a user’s investments are most profitable, where they were at a particular point in time, and where their investments are held among various pools and farms. WalletNow has complete integration with the most popular platforms and has received a 10/10 on a recent audit from Watchtower.

How to Earn $WNOW with Octaplex Network

WalletNow is a trusted partner project to the Octaplex Network and their token $WNOW is now available as a reward option for holders of our native token $PLX. Octaplex makes rewards simple and easy to customize through the crypto rewards app with up to 6 different reward options available for users to earn at one time through doing nothing more than holding $PLX. To choose $WNOW as a reward option, users need to connect their wallet to the platform and enable $WNOW as one of their reward choices as well as the desired percentage variable. WalletNow is making portfolio and yield tracking simple in one easy-to-use application, removing the confusion and minimizing the need for many individual services that do the same tasks independently.