$SAFU Reward Program

Earn $SAFU Rewards On The Octaplex Network

StaySAFU is a platform to help investors trade safely by providing a list of tools to identify scam projects that include audits and scanners.

StaySAFU is a partner project to the Octaplex Network and their token $SAFU is now on the rewards coin list and available for users to earn as a reward option, simply through holding $PLX.

StaySAFU – Providing a Safety Net for Investors

StaySAFU is aiming to change the DeFi space by providing a platform that enables users to identify scam projects and potential rug-pulls. By allowing investors to screen any project more effectively, using the StaySAFU platform can reduce the loss to assets. The aim is to reduce scams in the crypto space and provide a definitive end to scam projects by making the process harder and less rewarding for scammers to perform.

How the Scam Detection Protocol Works

The scam detection protocol created by StaySAFU is created using 3 main points:

  • Share analysis – Using a precise examination of the token distribution and liquidity. StaySAFU check on things like whether liquidity is evenly distributed, can liquidity be withdrawn at any one time, can the largest holders can cause the price to collapse.
  • Code Analysis – The StaySAFU scanner is able to list the functions of smart contracts and give a clear vision to investors about the risks they’re taking. Scanning checks the contract’s ability to block transactions, withdraw funds, increasing of transaction fees, and new token creation limits.
  • Trade Simulation – an on-chain technology that allows any investor to do a buy and sell simulation, to be able to estimate the trading fees, and to be sure that the token is tradable at the moment and isn’t a ‘honeypot’

How to Earn $SAFU with Octaplex Network

Octaplex has made StaySAFU a trusted partner option and their $SAFU token is now a reward option through the crypto rewards app.

Octaplex enables easy reward configuration for the holder of the $PLX token and enables up to 6 different reward coins for users to earn.