$SFX Reward Program

Earn $SFX Rewards On The Octaplex Network

SUBX is a project that provides the infrastructure for businesses to adopt blockchain and DeFi technology. They develop B2B and B2C applications and infrastructure options with many different use cases. SUBX is a partner project to Octaplex and their token $SFX is now a reward option for holders of $PLX.

The SUBX Complete Package of B2B Solutions

SUBX offers a wide range of services that users can take advantage of. To access their product suite and ecosystem, users are required to hold/stake/pay a certain amount of $SFX to access their products and services. SUBX products are easy-to-deploy and can be integrated into new/existing products and processes. Usage of their products is billable in SUBX tokens ($SFX) – which can be staked for additional rewards.

Offering a Vast Range of Infrastructure and Application Options for Businesses

SUBX is using their own blockchain technology to create a cast array of application options that businesses can take advantage of, including:

  • Genesis – A no-code platform for businesses to create their own custom blockchain token.
  • Synergy – A low-code protocol to allow businesses to integrate their tokens into existing applications.
  • Congress – A voting platform where businesses empower their token holders in the decision making process.
  • Bounty – A staking platform where businesses can reward their token holders with tokens.
  • Mint – NFT minting and e-commerce solution for businesses.
  • Swap – A DEX interface to allow users to buy and sell tokens easily
  • Satellite – A DEX aggregator to give users the best rates across decentralized exchanges.
  • Ignite – A token-based crowdfunding platform for businesses to offer rewards to early backers.
  • Merchant – A multi-vendor platform that allows businesses to accept tokens as payment for their products and services.

How to Earn SUBX’s $SFX Tokens with Octaplex

Octaplex users can now add the $SFX token to their rewards coin list as one of the 6 variable options from the list of partner projects.

Earning rewards is easy through the crypto rewards app and through simply connecting their wallet to the dApp, users can choose up to 6 token reward options and customize the percentages desired for each chosen token.

SUBX is changing the landscape for blockchain by providing a platform for businesses to easily adopt the technology into their own processes. The Octaplex Network has added SUBX as a partner project to the platform and believe their product suite has big future potential and will help many businesses adopt blockchain technology.