$NOVA Reward Program

Earn ShibaNova Rewards On The Octaplex Network

ShibaNova is an incentivizing reward platform that gives shareholders the ability to receive dividends for determined holding time periods, as well as loyalty. 75% of transaction fees are poured into “The Money Pot”, which holds the daily dividend rewards and is distributed to all holders of sNova. Nova is the native token of ShibaNova, therefore being used for core processes like farming, staking, and any future features added, which are purchasable on the ShibaNova official exchange.

$NOVA tokens have now been listed as a reward option on the Octaplex crypto rewards app for holders of $PLX.

ShibaNova – sNOVA

sNOVA is the counterpart to the NOVA token, it is only obtainable through providing liquidity and staking the LP tokens gained into the Nova farm. The difference between the Nova farms and other projects like PancakeSwap is that most of the value gained from farming rewards is transferred back to the holders by the use of dividends.

Both tokens exist on the Binance Smart Chain but only $NOVA is available as a reward option through Octaplex.

Security Features

ShibaNova is aiming to create a fully-fledged DAO. “DeFi 2.0” is the new standard for securing safety for projects. ShibaNova completed three audits before they launched, which consisted of EtherAuthority, CTDSEC, and most importantly Peckshield – a big name in crypto blockchain security.

The platform features several security features:

  • Anti-Rugpull – LP is locked. Team funds and contract ownership contains a multi-signature design. 3/5 have to agree for any transaction of funds out of the wallet.
  • AssureDeFi KYC acquired – Money Pot can’t be withdrawn from, and can only be distributed to sNova holders.
  • Anti-FlashLoan – The minting of tokens is handled by the MasterShiba contract solely. No external contract can access it. Rewards are predefined, so any price manipulation is rendered useless.

The team at ShibaNova has a tech team dedicated to updating and observing the security features of the platform to ensure holders are trading safely.

How to Earn $NOVA with Octaplex Network

Using the Octaplex crypto rewards app, holders of $PLX will have access to receiving rewards from Octaplex partners.

$NOVA is on the rewards coin list, so users can earn the token passively when added as one of the 6 reward options in the dApp. To earn $NOVA, simply connect your wallet to the Octaplex dApp and enable $NOVA as a token reward option.

ShibaNova has demonstrated its ability to deliver to its community. Having a secure, operating exchange, NFTs, and top-tier security. It is clear that they value the safety of their users to a high degree, and that’s what Octaplex is looking for – honest, safe, quality projects.