XRP Reward Program

Earn XRP Rewards On The Octaplex Network

XRP is the native asset of the XRP ledger, created in 2011, and is used by Ripple to facilitate cross border payments between banks around the world. XRP is a popular choice and is one of the mainstay crypto projects. XRP is consistently sitting in the top 10 for market cap, and is now available as a reward option within the Octaplex network for holders of $PLX.

Taking Over The International Banking System

XRP’s has established itself as a primary option for payment settlements, asset exchanges, and remittance systems, in which, allow for increased transaction times, and lower fees for international currency transactions. Financial institutions who may not have a direct relationship with each other can transfer funds, quickly and easily using XRP on the Ripple Network.

XRP – A Consensus Protocol Alternative

XRP validates transactions using a consensus protocol, a model that is separate from both proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake chains. This prevents double spending, allows more transactions per second and improves confirmation speeds.

XRP and the Battle with the SEC

XRP and the court case that is ongoing with the SEC could have major impacts on the regulations for the entire cryptocurrency industry. The SEC complaint is that XRP is not a currency, but a security, and therefore subject to strict securities laws. The claim is highly contested by Ripple and many in the crypto community are eagerly awaiting the outcome.

How to Earn XRP With The Octaplex Network

The process to earn rewards like XRP within the Octaplex Networks crypto incubator is simple.

Holders of the Octaplex Network’s token $PLX can earn up to 6 different reward option within the platform simultaneously with variable percentages – XRP is now one of those options.

To assign XRP as a reward option within the Octaplex crypto rewards dApp, users can simply connect your wallet inside the platform and assign the desired percentage of XRP tokens they would like to earn.