$PCHF Reward Program

Earn Peachfolio’s PCHF Rewards with the Octaplex Network

Peachfolio is a cutting-edge analytics application to help traders on the BSC and Ethereum chains invest confidently through portfolio data, market analytics, news, and other various tools. Their native token $PCHF has been added to the rewards coin list and is now a reward option for holders of Octaplex’s native token $PLX.

Peachfolio – Helping Traders Keep Track of Their Assets

Peachfolio has created an asset management tracker to help keep track of the tokens users are investing in and uses a wide range of tools to make this process simple. Through their application available on iOS and Android, users can keep track of every token on the BSC and Ethereum chains in as many different wallets as the user chooses to create. They offer optional services for NFT storage, insurance options, earnings trackers, and gaming adaptability. The goal of Peachfolio is to create a one-stop solution for token management and to combine the individual tools a user typically uses when trading, into one simple, easy-to-use application.

Peachfolio’s Many Different Portfolio Management Tools

There are many tools available for users to take advantage of, all of which are customizable to suit the users requirements and are dependent on how many $PCHF tokens they hold. The most popular options include:
  • Charting and tracking information.
  • Price alerts.
  • Profit and loss statements.
  • Transaction reports.
  • PeachInsurance for protection on a user’s assets, crypto backed loans and smart contract cover.
  • Reflections tracking.
  • Automatic dollar cost averaging.
  • In-built wallet with options for earning interest on users crypto assets.

How to Earn PCHF with Octaplex Network

Peachfolio has a wide array of tools and options available to assist traders and their token $PCHF is now available for $PLX holders through the Octaplex crypto rewards dApp. Octaplex makes it easy for users who want to choose $PCHF as a reward option, along with the various other partner projects available. All that is required is to hold $PLX and enable PCHF as one of up to 6 reward options within the dApp. Users can choose which partner project tokens they would like to earn and the percentages are completely customizable. Peachfolio is a trusted partner of the Octaplex Network and provides a vast array of tools to make trading a breeze for the average investor.