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The Smart Contract Behind Octaplex Networks PLX Token

The Smart Contract that powers Octaplex Network consists of a unique complex code that is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain.

The native token, $PLX has a variety of useful features within the Octaplex Network, with more details of the tokenomics explained on the Tokenomics page.

The Best Example Of Tokenomics On The BSC

Part of what makes the Octaplex contract unique is that it is not a fork of another contract. Instead, it is a combination and improvement of some of the best tokenomics currently in existence on the Binance Smart Chain.

The additional unique features implemented, provide Octaplex users and investors with the best possible experience, while ensuring the security of their funds at the same time. 

Contract Mechanisms

Multi-Token Reward System

Every holder can choose up to 6 different carefully selected tokens out of a variety of BEP20 pegged coins or a chosen partner’s native tokens. Users can claim rewards from the rewards coin list, in various different ratios, directly rewarded into their wallet, without the need to stake or farm – all by frictionless yield inside the crypto rewards app.
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Octaplex Network buyback image

Buy-Back And Burn Function

As each transaction includes a buy-back tax, the contract will automatically buy back $PLX tokens as the number of holders grows, with a swift burn taking place soon after.

This automatic burn function will increase the price and decrease the total supply, increasing the value of each token through scarcity. The burn function occurs within the smart contract, at a rate six times faster than the new supply injection –  causing the supply to become deflationary.

Sell Tax System

The selling tax is time-dependent, starting high and decreasing as time passes as the project gains more liquidity. This mechanism incentivizes holding, especially during the early stages of the project when this is critical for success.
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Octaplex Network antiwhale image

Anti-Whale Mechanics

The contract behind $PLX ensures a fair game. The average investor can participate without fear of whales holding significant parts of the supply. We achieve this through a limitation on the size of transactions.

The limit in a single transaction is 1000 PLX tokens.


Every buy transaction with $PLX will enter you into the lottery effortlessly. For every buy, there is a 5% chance that the order amount gets a 2x multiplier!

This is ensured automatically within the Octaplex Networks smart contract. 

Octaplex Network crypto lottery image
Octaplex Network Aidrop image


There is a dedicated “pot” for airdrop allocations. Any wallet holding more than 10 $PLX tokens is eligible for the random airdrop lottery. Once every 5 hours, the contract will auto-roll the “airdrop lottery” and airdrop to 3 random wallets from the dedicated “pot.”