$BTC Reward Program

Earn Bitcoin Rewards On The Octaplex Network

Bitcoin (BTC) was the very first example of blockchain technology and is the reigning king of the cryptocurrency market. Including a BTC reward option is an obvious choice for the Octaplex Network and crypto incubator.

Bitcoin joins a growing list of options within the Octaplex network – The ability for users to earn Bitcoin rewards is just one of many choices users can make when deciding which reward option they would like from the rewards coin list.

Bitcoin – The World’s First Cryptocurrency

The world’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency token was created by an anonymous developer (or group of developers) under the now-famous alias “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008.

The goal of the initial project was to be the world’s first digital and decentralized currency, built to solve a vast array of problems that plagued the current financial and banking systems without the need for a central server or a trusted authority to oversee the network.

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The Best Performing Asset Class Of The Last Decade

Due to a fixed supply, increased demand, and adoption, the rate of return over gold in the last ten years alone has been orders of magnitudes higher, as gold has stayed at relatively the same price over this same period with BTC increasing over 457,000%.

The ROI of BTC over the last decade has been higher than every other asset class by a significant margin, even outstripping the NASDAQ over the same period of time by more than 10x.

How To Choose a BTC Reward Option With Octaplex

The Octaplex crypto rewards app has various options for rewards that are earned through doing nothing more than holding the Octaplex PLX token.

The process is simple for users to earn Bitcoin rewards. All that is needed is to select BTC as an option through the Octaplex dApp and decide what percentage of BTC they would like to earn.

Octaplex Network has listed a BEP20 version of Bitcoin called $BTCB, a 1:1, 100% Bitcoin backed token. Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency project, holding the number one position for market cap. This creates an obvious choice for our users to have the option to earn Bitcoin crypto rewards through the Octaplex Network.

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