AVAX Reward Program

Earn AVAX Rewards On The Octaplex Network

$AVAX – a token created by Avalanche to facilitate their open, smart contract-capable blockchain network and allows low cost, high speed, and eco-friendly transactions. $AVAX is now available as a reward token option within the Octaplex Networks reward system and holders of $PLX can now assign this token as one of their reward choices.

The Ultimate Proof-of-Stake Option

Avalanche is quickly becoming a top contender for blockchain developers as it is one of the fastest, smart contract platforms when measured by time to finality, and has the most validators of any proof-of-stake protocols. Avalanche claims any smart contract-enabled application deployed on its network can vastly outperform the competition.

AVAX – Multi-Chain Scalability

Avalanche is created using three separate interoperable chains: the X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain. Each chain has its own unique benefit to the network and is what makes Avalanche fast and more scalable compared to other networks that run on one chain. Tying these different chains together is the $AVAX token, where users can stake and pay network fees and provide a common usable asset between the different Avalanche subnets.

Decentralization vs Scalability

Avalanches consensus model does not require a leader to reach consensus like other blockchain models and this factor increases the decentralization factor of the network. Avalanche uses all nodes to process and validate transactions using a directed acyclic graph and this DAG allows the network to process transactions in parallel. Transactions are finalized immediately without further confirmations and remove the need for blocks, instead using parented transactions known as vertices. This different method of consensus allows Avalanche to increase scalability without sacrificing scalability.

How to Earn $AVAX Rewards with the Octaplex Network

Octaplex has a vast array of reward options available within the Octaplex crypto rewards app and now $AVAX is one of those options. All holders of the Octaplex token $PLX can choose up to 6 different reward variables and also customize the desired percentages of each. All that is needed to do is log into the Octaplex dApp, connect your chosen wallet and choose which options they would prefer. Each token can be assigned or changed at any point in time and each of the 6 can be assigned a unique percentage. Earning rewards is simple through the Octaplex Network, and now through the dApp, users are in complete control of the selection. Avalanche and its token $AVAX are quickly becoming a popular choice in the crypto space due to the numerous benefits and use cases, and now the token is available for Octaplex holders to earn by doing nothing more than holding $PLX.