AER Reward Program

Earn AER Rewards On The Octaplex Network

Aerdrop is an incentivized holding system created on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows cross-partnership token rewarding to holders, while being decentralized and scalable. Aerdrop’s token distribution protocol also grants additional rewards automatically given to holders who hold $AER tokens for certain time periods.

$AER tokens are now available as a reward option for $PLX holders on the Octaplex Network.

Aerdrop – AER

Since launching in June of 2021, Aerdrop has maintained a consistent market cap. Their system boasts a unique rewarding system, by partnering with other projects and adding their native token offering to the airdropped reward list. As Aerdrop grows, additional tokens are rewarded to holders of $AER.

Each partner has a node attached through Aerstation, which is secured for any distribution events that will reward all holders of the partner token and Aerdrop holders.

Aerdop’s Token Airdrop Platform

Rug pulls and scams are an area that Aerdrop is aiming to eliminate. Like others, they want to create transparency between the team and community to build trust in a system that invites other projects and their users to hold the $AER token.

By delivering on the initial concept of creating a bridge between users and future partners through the use of airdropped partnership tokens to holders, they have been provided with a solid foundation for potential growth.

Aerdrop wants to avoid typical whale holdings by implementing a 0.5% max transfer.


This system will be the launchpad for all partner projects within the decentralized platform. Any holders of $AER will be granted ownership in Aerstation and will be a part of one of the first advertised DeFi networks that consist of direct ROI and 3rd party token rewards to holders.

How to Earn AER with Octaplex Network

Using the crypto rewards app on the Octaplex Network, users just have to hold the $PLX token in order to be eligible for rewards.

$AER rewards are now obtainable, being one of the tokens on the Octaplex rewards coin list. Users have the ability to add the $AER token to their rewards as one of the up to 6 customizable options.

Aerdrop is an incentivizing reward system aimed at providing users with the opportunity to passively receive airdrops of partner tokens. With the similarities between the Octaplex Network and Aerdrop, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that benefits the members of both communities.