Octaplex Networks List Of Trusted Reward Partners

Octaplex Network puts a substantial focus on collaboration. Our verification process allows only trusted and vetted partners, who share the same values towards problem-solving and creating a safer community for investors.

Octaplex Network will change the way projects interact with each other by being a true blockchain incubator, built upon sharing knowledge and expertise. At the same time, we want to reward our holders with partner projects tokens inside our crypto rewards app.

Up To 6 Individual Rewards

Every holder can choose up to 6 different carefully selected tokens out of a variety of BEP20 pegged coins or a chosen partner’s native tokens from the rewards coin list.

We have created Octaplex intending to change this by taking away the guesswork. Our detailed selection process provides additional safety for investors, as only quality and vetted projects are included in the Octaplex Networks crypto incubator.

Octaplex Network - $PLX

The native token behind the Octaplex Network ($PLX) operates on the Binance Smart Chain network and is the token that enables the holding rewards through the Octaplex dApp.

Binance Coin - $BNB

Binance Coin ($BNB) is the coin from Binance used as both a utility token within the Binance exchange and as a trading pair amongst projects built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance USD - $BUSD

A highly regulated stablecoin that is created by Binance and backed 1:1 to the US dollar. ($BUSD).

Bitcoin (Pegged) - $BTCB

$BTCB is a pegged BEP2 token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain and is 100% backed by Bitcoin ($BTC).

Ethereum - $ETH

Second, only to Bitcoin in market cap, Ethereum ($ETH) is an open-sourced blockchain with smart contract capabilities.

Polygon - $MATIC

The token created by Polygon ($MATIC). A protocol and a framework designed for building and connecting Ethernet compatible blockchain networks.

Cardano - $ADA

A public, open-sourced, and decentralized blockchain that uses proof-of-stake consensus, created by Cardano ($ADA).

Ripple - $XRP

Ripples real-time remittance network used for gross payment systems, settlements and currency exchange ($XRP).

Polkadot - $DOT

Polkadot ($DOT) is a sharded heterogeneous multi-chain architecture which enables external networks as well as customized layer one “parachains” to communicate, creating an interconnected internet of blockchains.

Avalanche - $AVAX

Avalanche ($AVAX) is a blockchain network, designed to provide an open-source platform and a layer one protocol for launching DeFi applications and enterprise blockchain solutions. 

Peachfolio - $PCHF

The token behind the easy-to-use wallet tracker app created by Peachfolio ($PCHF).

Aerdrop - $AER

The token that drives the Aerdrop platform ($AER), a decentralized, scalable system for incentivized token holding.

Startup Boost - $SUBX

The utility token for the Startup Boost ecosystem ($SUBX), aiming to change the way businesses are built through web and mobile applications.


The token used for the StaySAFU Network ($SAFU), a decentralized finance project that puts a strong focus on safe investments.

ShibaNova - $NOVA

The Nova token is the ShibaNova protocol native token ($NOVA), distributed as a farming and staking reward.

WalletNow - $WNOW

WalletNow ($WNOW) is the utility token for their advanced, web based wallet tracker and telegram bot.

New Crypto Coins Added Every Week

Every week new crypto coins are added to our crypto rewards system, including tokens from partner projects. This is why everyone benefits from the Octaplex Network.

We will continue to grow and develop Octaplex Network to its full potential!

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