Octaplex Network Partners

Octaplex List Of Trusted Partner Projects

Octaplex Network is focused on partnering with trusted and verified projects and has new crypto coins coming out weekly. Through this partnership, Octaplex aims to become a truly decentralized ecosystem that partners can use to list their tokens, and provide a platform where users can find all of the new crypto coins to watch out for.

Octaplex Partner Projects and New Crypto Coins to Watch

Octaplex is releasing new tokens each week, all of which are available within the Octaplex dApp, with users able to choose up to 6 different tokens as variable rewards.

We have chosen each project on the merits of their use case and the team behind the project. Through our verification processes, this list contains all of the new crypto coins to watch out for and each one can be assigned as a reward option through the Octacplex dApp, all through holding the Octaplex Networks native token PLX.

Peachfolio Logo

Peachfolio - $PCHF

The token behind the easy-to-use wallet tracker app created by Peachfolio ($PCHF).

Aerdrop Logo

Aerdrop - $AER

The token that drives the Aerdrop platform ($AER), a decentralized, scalable system for incentivized token holding.



The utility token for the SUBX Finance Lab ecosystem ($SFX), aiming to change the way businesses are built through web and mobile applications.

StaySAFU Logo


The token used for the StaySAFU Network ($SAFU), a decentralized finance project that puts a strong focus on safe investments.

ShibaNova Logo

ShibaNova - $NOVA

The Nova token is the ShibaNova protocol native token ($NOVA), distributed as a farming and staking reward.

WalletNow Logo

WalletNow - $WNOW

WalletNow ($WNOW) is the utility token for their advanced, web based wallet tracker and telegram bot.

MelonX Logo

MelonX - $MLNX

MelonX ($MLNX) community driven deflationary token with a goal to fight breast cancer and aid women all over the world.

RugZombie Logo

RugZombie - $ZMBE

RugZombie ($ZMBE) is an experimental platform with the goal of bringing scam projects and rug-pulls back to life through NFTs and staking.

Altbase Logo

Altbase - $ALTB

The native token for the home of altcoins – Altbase ($ALTB). An application that enables users to buy their favourite altcoins and memecoins with an easy transaction process.



DRIVENx ($DVX) is an auto-sustainable token for B2B trading, the project that aims to find new ways for cryptocurrencies to integrate with the real world.

French Connection Finance Logo

French Connection Finance - $FCF

French Connection Finance ($FCF) is the world’s first credit card crypto payment gateway that allows credit card and crypto payments in e-commerce platforms.

Smart Places Protocol

Smart Places Protocol - $SMARTEES

Smart Places Protocol ($SMARTEES) is a live social media platform that allows users to share posts with the people around them to allow instant connection with the people around them.


Decentralized Community Investment Protocol - $DCIP

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol ($DCIP) is the first investment as a service (laaS) and fully decentralized investment fund token on the BSC.

Slance Logo Clear

Slance © Digital Crypto Video Production Company

Slance © is a motioncraft studio that simplifies concepts through animation and produces videos for promising blockchain brands.
Lossless Logo

Lossless Protocol - $LSS


Lossless Protocol ($LSS) freezes fraudulent transactions based on a set of fraud identification parameters and returns stolen funds back to the owner’s account.

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