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Octaplex Networks very own crypto rewards app.

Octaplex crypto dApp screenshot

Octaplex Networks Very Own Crypto Rewards App

The Octaplex Networks’ own dApp will enable its users to interact with the contract in an easy, functional, and visually appealing way.

The main function of this decentralized app (dApp), will be for each user to choose and claim their own individual rewards from all of the offered tokens in the ecosystem, a unique feature not yet seen in the markets at the time of its emergence into the Cryptocurrency space.

Octaplex crypto rewards example

For example, a holder could select the following reward options:

  • 40% in ETH
  • 20% In BTC
  • 20% in PLX
  • 15% in BNB
  • 5% in BUSD

The Octawallet

– Easy Coin Storage

Users will connect their wallets with the dApp to choose and claim their rewards, which is made even easier with the launch of Octawallet, with integrated features built for crypto dApps.

Unlike other crypto dApps, where users receive a token of the developer’s choosing, the Octaplex project enables holders to choose their own rewards preference. The Octaplex claiming Dapp is where a user can choose their own choice of rewards in the ratios they prefer.

New Crypto Coins Added Every Week

Besides the tokens available at launch, the total available portfolio of tokens will increase when introducing new partnerships and by community votes. Every week new crypto coins are added to our reward system, including tokens from partner projects.

Our innovative approach to dapp crypto, with a strong anti-rug stance, is what makes the Octaplex Network safe for it’s users.

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