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What Is Octaplex?

Octaplex is short for Octahedral Complex – a four-dimensional geometric shape that consists of 24 octahedral cells. Also known as an Icositetrachoron or Hyper-Diamond, the interconnected complex shape represents exactly the ecosystem we strive to build within the Octaplex Network, of which is built upon the premise of crypto rewards.

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Designed For Continuous Expansion

Octaplex is designed to encourage continuous expansion, in cooperation with our growing list of partners, Octaplex rewards its holders with multiple Binance Smart Chain tokens, through novel Tokenomics.

Octaplex expansion image
Octaplex reward percentages can be chosen by user

Octaplex Networks Very Own Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

The Octaplex Networks’ own cryptocurrency rewards program, the Octaplex Crypto Rewards App will enable its users to interact with the contract in an easy, functional, and visually appealing way.

Users are able to choose if they wish to use the auto-claim function, or claim their rewards manually through the crypto rewards app.


Besides choosing their rewards from the various offered tokens, users can choose the token ratios as well.

Default claim settings include 75% in BNB Rewards and 25% in Octaplex Networks’ own $PLX, unless users select their preference of tokens and desired token ratios.

New Crypto Coins Added Every Week

Every week new crypto coins are added to our reward system, including tokens from partner projects. It is for this reason that everyone benefits from the Octaplex Network.

We will continue to grow and develop our Crypto Incubator to its full potential!

New Crypto Coins Added Every Week to Octaplex crypto dApp
Features of the Octaplex Network

Airdrops, Lotteries And More

Holders have the opportunity to receive random airdrops, lottery multipliers on purchases, and will reap the benefits of our price stabilizing mechanics as the Octaplex Network expands.

Octaplex wishes to involve the community in choosing new crypto rewards and coins. EVERY WEEK there will be a new token added to the reward list!

Image of an Octaplex particle 2
Image of an Octaplex particle 3

Quality Alongside Quantity

We have made quality with no compromise our baseline and in the Octaplex Network, we live by this principle every day.

We work hard to ensure only quality projects are included in the Network, creating a safe space for investors.

Image of an Octaplex particle 4
Image of an Octaplex particle

What Octaplex Stands For

We want Octaplex to become the biggest network across all blockchains – a symbiotic ecosystem consisting of only high-quality projects.

Through cooperation within the network, we create exposure to a variety of projects and businesses, driving the multi-token reward system that Octaplex holders receive by simply holding $PLX tokens in their wallets.

Multichain Bridges

Interoperating through different blockchains, and thus enabling our users the same will as well be an important feature of our ecosystem. Today, there are many great blockchain networks and their native projects bringing increased value, which we aim to utilize to give our community the opportunity to reap the benefits.

Future Expansion, Bridges, Partnerships, And New Blockchains

Our vision and future plans include expanding to new blockchains in the future as well as bridging between blockchains, creating and maintaining relationships through legitimate and valuable partnerships, expanding our network through them, and exploring the possibilities of new functionalities and utilities that they provide.


Removing The Guesswork For Investing

Too many projects on the Binance Smart Chain are either scams or very short-lived. This means investments demand a rushed and quick decision-making process, due to the volatile nature of these projects.

We have created Octaplex intending to change this by taking away the guesswork. Our detailed selection process provides additional safety for investors, as only quality, and vetted projects are included within the Octaplex Network.

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